Who are we

Welcome to our shop, here is just a little bit of background about us.

My name is Dot, I have been a practising artist now for about 30 years and just recently I have discovered the joy and excitement of resin, first of all in my artwork layering, with acrylic and ink in between layers is very exciting. Then found the beauty of jewellery making and sculpture with resin.

Life is full of joy and discovery for me and a never ending voyage of new ideas and techniques. I love passing on my discoveries and techniques to other interested people, so I carry out regular workshops, some of which will be announced on this website.

My daughter Claire is the brains behind this marvellous Dotyart shop. She came to me with the idea just a few months ago and almost immediately started working on it and has come up with this very easy to navigate shop to show all our products. Claire is very aware of keeping the environment safe for our future and with that in mind all of our products and materials we use for shipping are very carefully thought about before we use them. And we ask you to do the same and dispose of the packaging thoughtfully with recycling in mind.

Claire’s beautiful candles are made of natural soy wax and 100% essential oils (no fragrant oils) as she only uses ingredients that give her joy and pleasure, and she hopes they do the same for you.

Her origami earrings are delicately crafted with patience and care, and her gentle personality comes through in her lovely creations.